Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Debt Discharge    

Provides a fresh start with most types of debt being entirely cancelled. Chapter 7 allows individuals a new start without the burden of outstanding debt.

For many people bankruptcy is a fearful and intimidating idea. Our goal is to make the process as comfortable as possible, while keeping the experience very practical and efficient.

Our Process

After reading our website or speaking with us over the telephone, you make an appointment and come to our office. At our meeting we will talk about your debts (how much and to whom owed), your income, and the property that you own.

Our office prepares your paperwork and files your bankruptcy petition. We will also ask you to complete a prerequisite credit counseling program, either over the phone or on the internet.

Approximately 6 weeks after we file your paperwork, we will be attending a “meeting of creditors”. One of our attorneys will attend the meeting with you in order to make sure that the experience is straightforward and trouble-free.

Full disclosure on your part will help to ensure that we are done on our first hearing. In approximately two months after this meeting, you would receive your official discharge, meaning that your bankruptcy went through successfully and that the process is finished.

At the meeting we will be speaking with a Trustee in an informal, pressure-free setting. A Trustee is a person whose job is to assure that everything is filled out correctly and that nothing has been omitted.

If the Trustee asks any questions, our attorney will clarify them for you as well as counsel you in how to address the Trustee’s concerns.

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