Bankruptcy Q & A

What is bankruptcy?
Bankruptcy is a type of legal tool provided by the federal courts to protect you from creditor actions and allows people to have their debts forgiven.

What is a Fresh Start?
The relief and ease that you experience after discharging your debt and having a brand new financial start.

How do I know I will qualify for bankruptcy?
The rules for qualifying for bankruptcy relief are mostly straightforward. During our consultation we will ask you questions about your finances and provide you with an answer.

How much does it cost to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy?
An individual Chapter 7 bankruptcy is $1499.00.

Other law firms say the same thing and then add their hidden costs. What are your hidden costs?
There are none. Our price even includes the $335.00 court filing fee! The only other costs you’re responsible for are getting your credit counseling classes and for parking when you go to court.

What is credit counseling?
Two classes that are required by the bankruptcy rules. Both are done on-line and we provide you with the links to the most reliable and inexpensive company that we know of.

How much do I need to start the process?
We will start working on your petition with $100.00 down.

Do I have to go to court?
Yes. One of our attorneys will go with you. The meeting itself is very brief.

What will I have to do?
Our attorney will instruct you and walk you through the process.

I really dislike court and public hearings. Will your lawyers make me feel even more uncomfortable?
No. Our lawyers are extremely sociable and friendly! Our clients say that we make them feel well prepared and comfortable at the hearing.

What if my paychecks are being garnished?
When we file your bankruptcy, the garnishments will stop immediately! Upon filing, it is unlawful for creditors to continue garnishing.

The phone calls and letters from debt collectors are driving me crazy, when will they stop?
The calls and harrassment stops right after we file. This is due to the legal mechanism of an automatic stay.

What is an automatic stay?
The automatic stay is a great tool in getting to a fresh start. It is like a legal shield that appears when we file. It keeps aggressive bill collectors from getting through to you.

What if I have more questions?
Call us today to set up a free consultation. One of our attorneys will gladly answer your questions.