Wills and Trusts

Some of the hardest decisions a person will face in life involve what to do with your assets upon death, and in addition, picking someone to administer your wishes after death and look after your pets and children. Many people do not like to consider their own passing and need help from an experienced attorney in planning for the inevitable.

A will or trust are two of the most important documents a person can create to help their family upon their passing. Without a will or trust, a person’s estate passes into intestacy upon their death and will be distributed according to court rules and not the person’s wishes.

However, if there is a will or trust in place, that person’s wishes as to how to dispose of their possessions will be respected. In addition to a will or trust, our Firm can help you create a Power of Attorney to help plan for your finance and health care upon a possible physical or mental incapacitation.

Contact our office to speak with our attorneys about creating an estate plan for you and your family. We will ask questions regarding your assets and whom you would like them to pass to upon your death. We can also make plans for the appointment of a guardian for any children you may have. This protects children from any uncertainty of not knowing what will happen to them upon their parents’ passing and provides you with the peace of mind that you have a choice in who cares for your children in your absence.