What happens to past due utility bills in Bankruptcy?

Past due utility bills are dis-chargeable in bankruptcy.

Do you have a shut off notice? Has your service already been turned off? Is DTE threatening to discontinue service?

By filing for bankruptcy, you can stop the shut off and continue your service. This is especially important in the coming fall and winter months. If your service has already been shut off, the utility company must reconnect it.

We have had clients come to us with energy bills in the thousands of dollars as well as lower amounts printed on red paper threatening a shut off.

Upon filing for bankruptcy, the utility company can no longer shut off your services. They bring your balance down to zero.

What the utility company may do at this point is send you a letter, telling you that you no longer have a balance, however, they will request that you send them a deposit, which is often $150.00.

Once we file for bankruptcy, our office will notify the utility company by phone and fax so that you may continue with the service.

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