Civil Litigation

Civil litigation is a dispute between two parties, where money damages are sought instead of criminal sanctions. Civil litigation encompasses a broad range of disputes. It can involve things such as: landlord and tenant, personal injury, slip and falls, collections, conversion, general torts, construction damage, negligence lawsuits, breach of contract, among others.

Another effective cause of action is that of statutory conversion. Statutory conversion applies when someone wrongfully takes property that belongs to you, such as through theft or other acts of bad faith. Statutory conversion most often occurs when someone steals something that belongs to you and the police fail to help you. Other times it happens between people in a romantic relationship, where after breaking up, one person refuses to return property to the other. You might also have experienced a situation where you gave your property to someone to watch it for you and they have refused to return it.

When suing and succeeding under statutory conversion, you are entitled to receive three time the value of the property, plus costs and attorney fees. Most people find such a judgment very satisfactory in light of having been wronged by being deprived of their belongings. Our attorneys have a very good record in either reclaiming such property, or receiving money damages. You should know that it is very possible to regain property that is rightfully yours.

All types of civil litigation start when a Plaintiff files a lawsuit in court. The court then issues a summons explaining the rights and responsibilities of the Defendant in answering. The Plaintiff then has the duty to serve the Defendant with the complaint and summons. It is important to not ignore this when it happens, as ignoring a lawsuit can lead to dire consequences and possible default judgments.

If you ignore a lawsuit, a judge can order relief for the Plaintiff who can then begin to enforce their judgment. This can result in wage or tax return garnishment, the forced sale of property, and liens being placed on your real and personal property. Whether you are entering civil litigation as the Plaintiff or the Defendant it is important to have an experienced attorney on your side.

Once you contact The Sikorski Law Firm to help aid you in your case, our skillful attorneys will begin to draft your motion. Once the proper paperwork has been filed with the court, a period of time called discovery begins. During this time our attorneys will do a thorough investigation of the facts and issues in your case to help get a clear picture of the whole problem. Discovery involves such things as drafting and sending out interrogatories, issuing subpoenas, witness questioning, depositions, and document production.

Whether on the offensive or defensive, we will strive to get you the best possible outcome. We will keep you informed every step of the way, so that you understand our methods and strategies. Call us today for a free consultation regarding your issue.